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Christian Ganseuer

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Christian Ganseuer,德国联邦教育部教育科研主任,负责国家科研创新战略规则;兼任中德教育友好交流项目负责人。担任联邦政府、州政府的教育咨询顾问。主要研究领域为高等教育、教育质量评估等。

Dr. Christian Ganseuer is the Head of Division “Education’”at the Executive Agency (DLR-PT) of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Germany. He is counseling federal ministries, regional governments and foundations in the framework of innovation programs in all educational sectors ranging from early childhood education over secondary, vocational till higher education and lifelong learning. A special focus of Dr. Ganseuer is the Sino-German educational policy cooperation. In this issue, he consulted and evaluated several Sino-German projects in China and is chairing the German project consortium to transform the Chinese Universities of Applied Science sector in contract with MoE.