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Ken Spours

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Ken Spours,英国伦敦大学学院(UCL)365娱乐游戏平台(IOE)资深教授、青少年教育和研究中心联合主任,研究生导师项目主管。主要从事有关高等教育系统的研究,尤其是“社会生态系统思维”的发展。近年来一直致力于研究教育预警机全球化的关系问题,研究涉及教育领导力、教师教育等多个领域。

Ken SpoursProfessor of Post-Compulsory Education at the UCL Institute of Education, QS ranked Number 1 Education University in the World for five consecutive years (2014-2018). He specialises in research/research leadership, teaching and consultancy concerning upper secondary education systems; technical and vocational skill development; the relationship between education, training and the world of work. He is familiar with analytical approaches to understanding education systems internationally and has published in relation to skills developments across the four countries of the UK; the analysis of national qualifications frameworks and issues of policy borrowing and policy learning in the context of global education models.